Welcome to the Balkan Network of Science Journalists.

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This is a group of science journalists, writers and communicators from across South East Europe, interested in improving quality of critical and ethical science coverage in the media.

Its origins go back to PCST2012 conference in Florence, Italy, where UNESCO convened “Panel Discussion: Science Communication in the South East European Region – Overview of the Current Situation and Quality and Accountability of Science Communication” that brought some of us together for the first time.

An e-mail group and links made there carried on, and other science journalists joined along the way, at numerous meetings. Two schools of science journalism were held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2013 and Podgorica, Montenegro 2014, where the network grew and improved.

The network was formally founded at International School of Science Journalism, in Erice, Italy, in June 2016 and at the 3rd European Conference of Science Journalists, in Manchester, UK, in July 2016.