Balkan broadcast journalist shortlisted for the board of World Federation of Science Journalists


Milica Momcilovic, a broadcast journalist from Serbia is one of the nine people running for a seat on the newly expanded board of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ).

Milica has been a science journalist since 2006, mainly in the television field, working with Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (RTS) as a reporter and science editor.

She is also editor-in-chief of Green-web-Action for sustainable future — multimedia web-based platform dedicated to the promotion of environmental values and long-term sustainable thinking in Serbia and region with critical coverage of issues in environment, climate change health and medicine.

And, she has been an active board member of the Balkan Network of Science Journalists, which fully backs her candidacy and believes she would be a great choice for the WFSJ.

“I have developed a special interest in establishing partnerships with journalists, scientists, and their institutes as one of the models for successful reporting on science and mutual capacity building,” Milica writes in her application.

“I have been involved in the production of numerous TV shows and other formats, several of them being in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic Serbia and British Council.”

“As a member of Advisory Board of Belgrade Science Festival I have an opportunity to facilitate round table discussions on important science topics such as safety and efficacy of vaccination, health-related or ecological risks and potential benefits of using GMO in agriculture, and other means of direct contact between scientists and the public, as well.”

Milica wants to get elected on the WFSJ board to improve the quality of science reporting and support science and technology journalists, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of science journalism for the society.

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